Super 6 League

2019 Monthly competition prize winners

August 2019 - Pauline Lancaster
September 2019 - John Edwards


League Cup Final 2019

Steve Greig {4} 9 v 13 {6} Andrew Haig


Europa Cup Group draw - ties start on 5 October

Group A standings after Round 14

John Edwards 6pts {24}
Paul Halliwell 6pts {20}
Steve Greig 6pts {19}
Steve Dillon 0pts {15}

Group B standings after Round 14

Ian Hazell 7pts {28}
Keith Hillier 5pts {29}
John Drury 3pts {17}
Christopher Nott 1pt {12}

Round 13 {5 October 2019}

John Edwards 8 v 9 Paul Halliwell
Steve Greig 9 v 7 Steve Dillon

Keith Hillier 11 v 11 Ian Hazell
Christopher Nott 2 v 7 John Drury

Round 14

John Edwards 7 v 4 Steve Greig
Paul Halliwell 7 v 2 Steve Dillon

Keith Hillier 4 v 4 Christopher Nott
Ian Hazell 8 v 6 John Drury

Round 15

Steve Dillon v John Edwards
Steve Greig v Paul Halliwell

John Drury v Keith Hillier
Christopher Nott v Ian Hazell

Round 16

Paul Halliwell v John Edwards
Steve Dillon v Steve Greig

Ian Hazell v Keith Hillier
John Drury v Christopher Nott

Round 17

Steve Greig v John Edwards
Steve Dillon v Paul Halliwell

Christopher Nott v Keith Hillier
John Drury v Ian Hazell

Round 18

John Edwards v Steve Dillon
Paul Halliwell v Steve Greig

Keith Hillier v John Drury
Ian Hazell v Christopher Nott

3 points for a win, 1 pt for a draw.

If level on points, points scored will decide who goes through.

Winner of Group A will play runner up in Group B in the semi final

Winner of Group B will play runner up in Group A in the semi final



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