Head2Head competition rules - see below for the full set of rules

Roll of Honour

Winter competition 2004 - Taffy's Tips

Summer competition 2005 - Tia
Winter competition 2005 - Vindon
Summer competition 2006 - Jeff Bretos
Winter competition 2006 - Stormin' Norman
Summer competition 2007 - The Nag's Head
Winter competition 2007 - Johnny Moore
Summer competition 2008 - Janet Snellgrove
Winter competition 2008 - Andrew Stroud
Summer Competition 2009 - Grandpa
Winter Competition 2009 - Martin Ling
Summer Competition 2010 - John Titley
Winter Competition 2010 - Perrie
Summer Competition 2011 - Little Miss Naughty
Winter Competition 2011 - Taffy's Tips
Summer Competition 2012 - Racecat
Winter Competition 2012 - The Wizard of Oz
Spring Competition 2013 - Huxxy
Autumn Competition 2013 - Eamonn Keveney
Winter Competition 2013 - Taffy's Tips
Spring Competition 2014 - The Wizard Of Oz
Summer Competition 2014 - TC
Autumn Competition 2014 - Ray Summers
Winter Competition 2014 - Ricky Morgan
Spring Competition 2015 - Gary Haynes
Autumn Competition 2015 - Ian Compton
Winter Competition 2016 - DDs Donkeys
Spring Competition 2016 - Tony Roberts
Summer Competition 2016 - Elitecaf


You can let me have your selections on the Saturday/Sunday either by:-
a) e-mail to walesracingclub@hotmail.com
b) text the names of the 4 selections to me on 0776 374 1735 (Don't forget to say which is your NAP and state your name).

The competition will be run on the lines of a Cup Competition with a draw made for each round and each entrant will go "head to head" to get into the next round.

Each Saturday and Sunday, each entrant has to select 4 horses from the days' races (FOUR ON SATURDAY and FOUR ON SUNDAY- {UK and Irish racing only excluding CHARITY OR ARAB races), one of which on each day must be a NAP (if no NAP is indicated, the first selection stated will be treated as the Nap) for each round they get through

Please send all 4 together so I can put them on the site and your opponent can follow them during the days racing. I will not put the selections on the site until I get both entrants selections.

If you pick the favourite for a race rather than a selection it will go on the Racing Post favourite and the first named in the paper if joint favourites in the betting forecast.

You must name a horse, if you put favourite, it will go on the Racing Post favourite or first named in the paper if joint favourites.

The NAP will be treated as a £20 win and the other three as £10 wins and the winner will be the entrant in the "head to head" with the highest profit over the weekend. Rule 4 deductions are ignored and the official resut is the one that counts {after any stewards enquiry}.

IF THE MEETING IS ABANDONED, THE SELECTIONS FOR THAT MEETING WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO THE BRITISH MEETING FIRST IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER ON THAT DAY {then the Irish meetings if no British meeting} AND WILL GO TO THE FAVOURITE IN THE CORRESPONDING RACE ie if the three meetings are Ascot, Worcester and Ludlow and Ludlow is called off , the selections would be transferred to Ascot. (If you pick a horse in the seventh race and there are only 6 races at the alternative meeting it will go to the last race on the card which should ensure you get a run). If racing is abandoned and there is no corresponding race at the alternative meeting {the UK meeting in alphabetical order}, it will go on the favourite in the last race at that meeting.

e.g if your selections was due to run in the 1st race at Doncaster it will transfer to the favourite in the 1st race at Huntingdon if that is the first alphabetical meeting that day.

If the corresponding race does not have the same or lower number of runners compared to your original selection, it will go onto the horse with the highest number (bottomweight) i.e. your original choice was number 8 in the third race at say Doncaster and the third race at the alternative meeting has only 6 runners, your selection will go on number 6.

If your selection does not run, your selection will switch to the favourite for the race he was entered in if the meeting goes ahead and if there are co or joint favourites, your selection will be the co or joint favourite with the lowest racecard number. Selections cannot be changed once put on the site.

If your selection is double entered it will count whichever race it runs in.

Dead heat - the selection will be treated as £5 win or £10 win if the Nap but the stakes will remain at £50 overall.

In the event of a tie in a "head to head", the entrant with the best placed selection from their four from the Saturday selections will go through e.g. if one entrants highest placed selection comes third and their opponents is fourth the one with the third placed selections goes through. If this is the same, their next best selection will be the deciding selection and then on to the third etc and then on to Sunday's selections if no split can be made after Saturday's four selections.

I will do the draw for the next round as soon as possible after the completion of the previous round.

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